Would You Go Through Your Life with One Arm Tied Behind You?

Isn’t that exactly what most people do when they go through life without waking up! We humans are spiritual creatures just as clearly as we are physical beings, but if we keep the spiritual part hidden away (in church or locked in a proverbial closet) , we shut down our life’s most incredible potential!

The solution for every human life is to wake-up!

When your mother gave birth to you, the doctor made certain that you started breathing and that you burst forth with your first cry! Waking up to the reality of your spiritual life, however, is something we humans have to do for ourselves! If not, we cannot have a complete multi-dimensional life!

This is the purpose of this website. We want to help all of us wake up to the life-long adventure of our potential as a multi-dimensional being!

Many – or most - people call this awakening to the reality of God and making a connection to an indefinable entity who is the Source and Creator of everything. Yes, that is one way of describing it, but it is a woefully inadequate way of seeking an awakening that gives birth to an explosion of potential in any human life!

And each human awakening appears to be totally unique to the individual who experiences it! As Ralph Waldo Emerson described it:

“God enters each life through a private door”

Regardless, your story of how you were awakened might turn on a light for someone else so we invite you to CLICK HERE and go to our Wake-Up Registry to read the stories of others – and, hopefully, record and share your own experiences.

As these stories indicate, we are talking about moving beyond the limitations of a purely physical human life into an unlimited existence!

Anyone who feels that this discussion should be confined to the temples and sanctuaries of religion, could miss out on the entire purpose of human life! That doesn’t mean that Truth cannot be found in those hallowed institutions, but there is a tendency by the secular world to separate out the spiritual core of all human life and imply that is not factually real! And all the while, the gateway to Truth, paradise, love, health, wealth and fulfillment lies therein.

Did you ever have one of those incredible dreams when you know that you can fly! In your dream, you simply leap into the air and cruise through the sky like a carefree bird! That feeling of freedom and release is only a small portion of what happens when you truly wake-up to the second and most important phase of your life!

This is the basis and purpose of this website – to help you find your own, very special, individual connection to God.

Additionally, we are working to create a ‘non-religious’ training to help individual humans move into this second great reality of human life. We call it WAKE UP Training! (Click here to find out more!)

At the same time, we enthusiastically encourage you to pursue the path of religion toward achieving Oneness with God. The secret to success, however, is that religion or training can only point the way. Nothing will happen unless you dedicate your life to fulfilling your potential. Information on this website is designed to help you deepen your experience – and realize your full potential as a human being – and as a child of God!

Is it not obvious that human spirituality is a scientific fact of life?! Yet it has been neglected by modern science, probably because it involves and requires a different set of senses – sometimes called spiritual gifts – to experience or measure spirituality. The contributions of unique humans like Jesus the Christ require a different system of measure. This website offers the Wake Up Theory (Click Here) as a potential solution to this critical human problem.

You Are Multi-Dimensional!
Awakening Humans to Their Growth Potential
Human Spirituality is a Scientific Fact of Life
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